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Dee Dee Fanning, Founder and C.E.O. Letz Talk, Inc., says the company’s product ideas are inspired by raising her own three children, volunteering her time in her local school district and her participation in charitable organizations in her community.

Dee Dee believes the natural tendency of adults is to talk to our children more about what we want to know and less about what our children want to say. It is time to talk to our children about what is really on their minds. Every child needs and deserves to feel important and worthy. Every feeling, every dream, every accomplishment starts with a thought. The thought becomes a reality when given a voice. Providing the time to connect through communication is the most powerful tool that we have.

“As adults, we know that the choices we make for our future are largely dependent on our understanding of and acceptance of who we are today,” explains Dee Dee. “But our children are rarely given the opportunity to be reflective and to articulate their inner thoughts, beliefs and dreams. That’s why the products that we’re creating through Letz Talk, Inc. are so critically important.”

Letz Talk, Inc. is a Springfield, Illinois­ based company specializing in products and services that promote healthy emotional development and self­ esteem building for children and teens. Founded in 2008, Letz Talk, Inc. has attracted the attention and positive reviews from educators, counselors, organizations, churches and parents. Letz Talk, Inc. is expanding into innovative communication for adults through products and interactive podcast and webinars.


Dee Dee Fanning is the perfect example of someone who has never given up on their dream. Dee Dee is the founder and CEO of Letz Talk, Inc., a company that brings inspiration and hope to children and teens by building confidence and self-esteem through communication. Being an Entrepreneur at heart along with her love for helping children, Dee Dee has created unique games that encourage youth to find strength in their voice. Every feeling, every dream, every accomplishment starts with a thought. The thought become a reality when given a voice. With an interest from Dr. Phil and a strong desire to help children, Dee Dee follows her heart through building Letz Talk, Inc. Combining her passion for building confident children, along with developing listening skills for adults, is truly a game changer. If we take the time to connect to our children at the heart level, we can change the world, one conversation at a time.

The alarming facts are that many children/teens today suffer from low confidence and self-esteem. There are so many challenges they deal with every single day and many don’t have the skills to work through their struggles. So they bury their feelings and carry this burden for months or even years. Many times those hidden feelings lead to the road of self-destruction. Dee Dee has experienced this struggle first hand and is one reason she is committed to making a difference in the lives of children through communication.

Dee Dee defines success from the recognition she has received by the lives she has touched. This includes letters she has received from the many children she has mentored over the past ten years, along with a certificate from Girls on the Run that reads “Encourager”. Appreciation for those who have grown from Letz Talk products is the best recognition anyone can receive. Mentoring in the local schools, volunteering at the Big Brother/Big Sister Organization, The Matthew Project (homeless children), Girls on the Run, the youth program at her church and administering an after school program, Dee Dee has touched the lives of hundreds of children.

Message from Dee Dee

I have spent the past 15 years using my skills and talents to build confidence and self-esteem in children and teens. I have mentored over 100 children in the community, created and administered an after school program for three local elementary schools, worked as a volunteer for the youth program at my church, Big Brother/Big Sister, Girls on the Run and The Matthew Project (program for homeless children). I teach a parenting class at Contact Ministries and I have coached both parents and children/teens.

Through each one of these experiences I have helped both parents and children build confidence and develop self-love. I have also coached parents to be the best parent they can be. Being a recovering alcoholic, I know how it feels to live life with insecurities. As I help individuals overcome that dark place, I am living out my purpose. I have touched the lives of many children who are struggling with things outside of their control. I help them emotionally believe in themselves and love who they are.

I am a mother of three amazing children. They are confident young adults who live life with passion and purpose. I can teach you and your children how to do the same.

I know that the critical piece to building confidence is Communication. All children want to be heard. Through our products and coaching programs we teach parents and children to love who they are, how to overcome things outside of their control and how to lead a healthy and joy filled life. I am excited to help you be the best YOU!

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