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•BE A GREAT PARENT AND GET KIDS TALKING: Instead of asking "how was your day", talk to them about what is really on their mind. Allow them to share their thoughts, feelings, and dreams. LetzTalk contains 60 age-appropriate thought-provoking conversation starters for kids to get them talking which is why this is a great card game for kids and teens to have


•USE ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE: Great for use during dinner time, car rides, bedtime, in classrooms, family travel and anywhere else you want to connect with a child. Ask a confidence-building question to get the conversation started. The perfect card game for families to enjoy, connect, and have fun.

•IMPROVE CONFIDENCE AND SELF-ESTEEM: These conversation starter cards not only help improve confidence, self-esteem, and self-growth but can be used as a social skills game as it also promotes a kids ability to listen and provide constructive feedback when cards are used in a group setting. Great for autistic kids and those with Asperger’s.

•GREAT FOR SCHOOL AND HOME: Kids can respond to Question Cards verbally and in written form. Teachers have found that LetzTalk offers intriguing topics their students can journal or write essays about and discuss in class. Therapists and counsellors are able to utilize this tool in therapy sessions as a discussion starter. A perfect tool as a therapy and counselling game for kids.

•MAKES A GREAT GIFT FOR BOTH KIDS AND ADULTS: Give the gift of great relationships to your family, student or grandchild today. This Conversation Starter card game makes a great gift for any teacher, counselor or therapist.

5-8 Conversation Cards

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